How to get in the Sexy Mood

How to get in the Sexy Mood

Welcome to Shanel’s Intimates Blog. In addition to selling beautiful, sophisticated lingerie and intimate toys, we will also publish a weekly blog on how to be the best Sexy you can be! These blogs will be presented to you by the “SI Kittens”.  This week we’ll focus on “How to Get in the Sexy Mood”.

Most women work long hours and are too tired to be bothered with looking good and being sexy at the end of a long day. Whether you’re single, dating or married you should make an effort.  I know, I know it’s hard sometimes. I get up around 6am to start my day and don’t normally get back home until 8pm. By then I’m usually exhausted! I barely want to change my clothes much less put on lingerie to…ummm…get in the mood to give up the goods. (lol) So I challenged myself for 1 week to see if I could come up with a routine that would work for me.  By the end of the week I had created a step by step plan that worked. Now many of you probably won’t be able to do every step but if you use these suggestions as a guide and create a variation of this plan that works for you, I think you’ll be well on your way.

As soon as you get home:

1) Get a glass of Wine!!! or mix your favorite Cocktail or open a Cold Brewsky!!

2) Next head directly to your bathroom and have a quick 10 – 15 minute relaxing shower using a reinvigorating body scrub with aromatic oils to open your senses, calm your nerves and release some of the day’s stress. If you have time for a bubble bath, go for it! The goal here is reinvigorate your body and release tension.


Wine Glass-Pouring     Cocktails     Beer


After your bath:

1) Lightly caress your neck, shoulders & chest with an aromatic oil like Eucalyptus or Peppermint, this will help to invigorate your senses and relieve stress.

2) Wear seductive loungewear or at the very least something casual but attractive before winding down for bedtime. I think a sexy beach cover up is nice. Sheer or light weight fabric that feels luxurious or at least comfortable on your body is good.

3)  DO NOT wear sloppy t-shirts with holes and bleached out pants.  Even if you’re a mother with children find something that will make you feel sexy and will be pleasing to your partner.

4)  After I’m dressed, it’s usually time for another glass of wine 😉


          Romantic Bubble Bath       prelude-wild-sphinx-kaftan-beachwear-cover-up-4


Hair and Make-up:

1) Fix your hair seductively…or just run a brush through it especially if you’ve got a man coming home to the Sexy Kitten that is you 😉

2) Wear a little lip gloss/lipstick and eyeliner, full make up is not needed.

3) In general look attractive. You want to be pleasing to the eye. You want someone to want you.



Plan your week with an evening schedule:

I usually plan my week on Sundays. For example, I prepare my clothes for the week, and cook a big meal that will last for at least 2 days. Or I make different meat dishes for the week that can easily be re-heated. This saves me at least 1 hour.

Prepare your meal:

1) Turn on the music! I put the tv on mute and put the music on HIGH. I dance while cooking and it’s sooooo much fun. I try not to talk on the phone during this time. I use this time to DE-stress and think about nothing!

2) There’s nothing sexier than preparing a meal with your partner. And it’s even sexier if you wear an apron with nothing on underneath (butt cheeks say “hi honey I’m home!”), or wear a sexy costume…or just go commando! (Watch out for the popping oil and hot sauces….oooyyy! lol)

3) If I have to prepare a meal, it’s usually something very quick and healthy. I’ve cut out rice and bread from my diet, so my meals are clean  and normally consist of chicken or fish with veggies and a salad. I thought cutting out rice and bread would be hard but I started with meat, potatoes and a salad.  Then I slowly removed the potatoes by cutting them in half and adding more veggies. Now I only eat potatoes occasionally and so far I’ve lost about 10lbs in about 2 weeks! I also try to drink at least a half gallon of water during the day and one 16oz bottle of water in the evening. And don’t forget your vitamins.  I also work out at least 45 minutes everyday.


Shrimp salad



Time for Bed:

1) Whether you’re single, dating or married, before going to bed put on sexy lingerie.  There is NO variation from this point.

2) Take time to look at your body.

3) Caress your body

4) If you’re going to bed alone use lotions that will keep your body smooth and supple. No one likes ashy knees, feet and elbows!

5) If you’re not going to bed alone, use nice tasty edible oils and spray a light mist of perfume in the air and walk through the mist. You want the perfume to lightly cover your body but not be overwhelming.

6) Then make your move to the bed. I tend to create an ambiance with candles and red lights at least once a week but not every night.


Hopefully, you liked the suggestions and will give them a try. Let us know how you feel! The first 5 people to comment will receive 10% off their purchase. Visit the site to find sexy lingerie, intimate toys, and educational DVDs to help you on your path to romantic bliss.

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MichelleFebruary 20, 2014 at 5:07 pm

Not only do you offer beautiful pieces of lingerie but I can appreciate you giving us tips on how to carry out our special day with that very special someone. Thank you! You rock!!!


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